December 10, 2015

Shop Refit

You may or may not know this, but as of 9:30pm on Saturday 16th January, Hennighan’s Top Shop will be closed until 6th February 2016. Why? We’ll be kick-starting the renovation our shop!

We’ve been planning this since 2014, so it’s an incredibly exciting time for all of us, and we can’t wait to welcome you back after the grand reveal.

To keep you in the loop, our daughter, Jemma, has decided to answer a handful of questions that will hopefully give you a better idea of why we’re doing this refit and what it will mean for the future of Hennighan’s.

Jemma, will the whole family be helping out?

We are leaving a lot of work to the builders and decorators, but we will be a part of the cleaning-up process. Two important members of the family won’t be visiting until the grand reveal, and that’s my grandparents. We want it to be a big surprise for them!

What colours are you going for?

This is top secret – even the staff don’t know! We keep on joking about how drastic the colours will be, and some even think we’re serious about orange.

Why have you chosen to give the shop a makeover now?

It’s been about 15-years since the shop was last done, but we also needed the extra space, so a whole shop refurb ended up being a great idea.

Will there be any major changes to the layout of the shop?

The biggest change will involve taking down the main wall; this will enable us to combine Hennighan’s and Crumbs into one shop. This will probably be the most shocking change for our locals too. There will be more changes, but they’re top secret!

Was there anything you definitely didn’t want to change about the shop?

Our Top Shop is a traditional place, known for its warm interior and family feel, so we definitely won’t be changing that. Oh, and the quality of the food will be just as great too.

As we said, we’re very excited about the big refurb and we can’t wait for to join us at the grand reveal. For more information on opening times and what you can expect, just pop by the shop to chat to David – he’s the most excited out of all of us.